Gracie Faltrain Takes Control (Gracie Faltrain, #2)

Gracie Faltrain Takes Control (Gracie Faltrain, #2)

ISBN: 0330422294

ISBN 13: 9780330422291

Publication Date: March, 2006

Publisher: Pan

Pages: 250

Format: Paperback

Author: Cath Crowley

3.57 of 122


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To win a little you have to risk something. To win big, you have to risk it all.

Gracie Faltrain is back and she couldn't be happier. Her team won the Championships, she scored a few goals and a boyfriend, as well.

Just as she's settling down to a new season of soccer, the stakes are raised. Coach has entered the team in the Firsts – a boys only league. To prove herself, Gracie has to fight harder than ever before. The other teams will do anything to keep her out of the game, and if she makes it, they'll do anything to see her lose.

But Gracie is sick of losing. She's sick of seeing friends, like Martin and Alyce, unhappy. Gracie decides it's time to take control and even the score for everyone, on and off the field.

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