Picture This 2

Picture This 2

ISBN 13: 9781442518674

Publication Date: 2009

Publisher: Pearson Australia

Pages: 206

Format: Paperback

Authors: Michael Pryor, David Metzenthen, Archimede Fusillo, Tristan Bancks, Margo Lanagan, Ursula Dubosarsky, Paul Collins, Libby Gleeson, Sophie Masson, James Phelan, Margaret Clark, Cath Crowley, Robert Corbet, Michael Hyde

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It's back to the English classroom for Australia's best writers! Learn from the masters as they tackle a task that Australian students attempt all the time : writing a short story using a visual stimulus.

Discover how a single image can contain a world all its own, as fifteen of our finest Australian writers bring fifteen different images to life.

The light / Michael Pryor
Snapshot / David Metzenthen
Then there was nothing / Archimede Fusillo
Adaan / Tristan Bancks
The golden shroud / Margo Lanagan
Like a long-legged fly / Ursula Dubosarsky
The sudden snow / Paul Collins
Tears / John Heffernan
Roses / Libby Gleeson
The red dwarf / Sophie Masson
I am alone / James Phelan
Monkey man / Margaret Clark
A dirty sky / Cath Crowley
Thirteen ways of not looking / Robert Corbet
Sacred cows / Michael Hyde

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