Rosie Staples' Minor Magical Misunderstanding

Rosie Staples' Minor Magical Misunderstanding

ISBN: 0143304968

ISBN 13: 9780143304968

Publication Date: August 27, 2010

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 89

Format: Unknown Binding

Authors: Cath Crowley, Judy Watson

4.67 of 3


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Rosie Staples is determined that this year she will win the lead in this year's school play, but she needs some very serious magic if she is to defeat Maddison Diamond. Maddison is the teachers' pet and she always gets the lead, while Rosie has to put up with short, funny roles. So Rosie, who loves tricks and magic, saves her money and buys The Sooner it Happens the Better Magical Wishing Stone from the magic shop.

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