Black Painted Fingernails

Black Painted Fingernails

ISBN: 174237459X

ISBN 13: 9781742374598

Publication Date: June 10, 2011

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Pages: 216

Format: Paperback

Author: Steven Herrick

3.54 of 280


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A captivating story of tender new friendship and self-discovery from the author of Kissing Annabel

"How about we toss a coin? Heads, it's west and a lift. Tails, it's still west, but no lift."

James is heading into the country on his first teacher-training round when a mysterious girl asks him for a ride. Sophie has him all worked out: "You live with your parents and they bought you this car, and a very nice car it is too." At first James can't see past her wild hair and attitude, but when Sophie trusts him with a secret she's been keeping too long, she changes his direction completely. Steven Herrick masterfully reveals the essence of his characters in this tough and tender story about opening up to love and living a life that's true.

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